Land Of One’s Own

Before we’d head for the Outdoor Retailer Show, F and I had put in an offer on a lot in Ridgway. As life circumstances changed, the question became do we forfeit our earnest money or does one of us purchase the land solo? After thinking about the question for a week, I decided to go for it.

Last Wednesday, it became official, my very own chunk of land in my most favorite town:

After signing paperwork, Sprocket and I headed over to the property with a bottle of prosecco to toast our future.

I’d say the views from here are pretty sweet. Who knows what the future holds but I do know, we’re a lucky pair.

13 Replies to “Land Of One’s Own”

    1. We jointly own 40 acres about 15 miles north of town. I realized last summer, however, that is too far outside of town! I like walking around town and talking with people. It’s for sale though, know anyone who wants a quiet place with amazing views??

  1. Lovely, Beth. Might that homeowner’s tool kit turn into a homebuilder’s tool kit? I could totally see you tackling a project of that scale eventually!

    1. I don’t think I’ll tackle the building project. There’s so much I don’t know! But I am excited for reentering homeownership in the near-ish future.

      I wish my dad was around, he could lend me all the knowledge I needed to get it done.

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