Seattle Wanderings

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve spent any time in Seattle. I meant to go up and spend time walking around downtown enjoying the holiday season in the stores and Pike Place. Instead, I did a whole bunch of walking. It was awesome:

Lake Union Trail

Fremont: Center of the Universe

Aurora Bridge

Ship Canal

You know how people that just get you make your life? Yeah.

Selfie time

And then when their roommates bring you coffee in bed?

Coffee in bed

The next morning, the walking continued:

Green Lake, Seattle

I met anotherĀ fabulous internet friends: Mike of Mike Off The Map. We definitely had a conversation that went like this:

B: “Have you heard about the Bells traverse?”
M: “Yeah, I’ve heard it’s pretty sketchy.”
B: “…”
M: “I’m down…let’s do it!”

I love hanging out with people like this. Move to Colorado anytime Mike. Or stay in Seattle and adventure with me whenever I’m here.

Coffee with @MikeOffTheMap

I also think I’m part elf and love love love making Christmas surprises happen. I located rullapolse (Norwegian pressed lamb) and my family has been missing it at Christmas for the last two years. I had to throw in a couple of Norwegian cheeses for the gastronomic pleasure of all (well mostly me) as well. My 88 year-old grandmother let out the MOST gleeful Christmas scream of the year (seriously, beat ALL the kids, hands down). Made my Christmas.

Gjetost and rullepolse.

Ballard Ship Canal Bridge

I kept on with the walking and wandered south from Ballard to downtown to catch the bus back to Tacoma. 12 miles of walking hither and thither + friends + Christmas Elfing = totally successful trip.

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