1977 Jeep Cherokee

I’m not quite sure when it happened, but somewhere along the way, I decided I wanted an “FSJ.” While we were living in Idaho, I briefly owned this green one but it needed a fair amount of work and Forrest and I sold it before I got a chance to even drive it. I never changed my mind about wanting one though and when an opportunity to bring this lovely beast home, I jumped at it.

Like all older vehicles, there’s things that need to be fixed, but it drove all the way from Denver to Ridgway (while towing the TJ…) and then yesterday took Dave, Jillian, and I to Telluride and then to Ouray’s Lookout Point like a champ.

Sprocket approves of the giant dog sleeping (ahem… cargo…) area:

Since it’s a 1977, it has the sexy round headlights. Jeeps have round headlights.

This lovely lady needs a name but I’m going to give it sometime to earn one.

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2 Replies to “1977 Jeep Cherokee”

  1. OK—now I’m jealous!! That is a seriously good looking, fun rig. I just bought a 97 Cherokee to tow behind my Dodge and cab over for this summers travels. I wish you many happy, fun adventures with those “round” head lites!

  2. Oh! She’s so lovely. While I’m now emotionally attached to mine, yours is MUCH more my vintage and style. It’s so gorgeous and I’m super jealous that you can already drive her! I can’t wait to see more adventures.

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