Ouray Ice Festival

Like many Ridgway and Ouray residents, I had a house full of company during Ice Festival weekend. There were no complaints from Sprocket and me: Dave, Aleya, and Jillian were awesome company. There was much merriment, catching up, and laughter but our common ground is adventure so we did our best do get out and enjoy Colorado especially since Jillian was all the way out west from New Hampshire!

Aleya was actually the only ice climber in the bunch but when we met up with some of her friends, us newbies grabbed some demo boots and took our turns being lowered into the Uncompaghre Gorge for our first ice experiences. It’s a little nerve wracking being lowered onto your climb and knowing you need to make it out.

Jason Gebauer Photography
Photo: Jillian of Tenders And Trails
Photo: Jillian of Tenders and Trails

I had a blast trying it out and am so happy that Jason and Jillian grabbed those sweet shots of me on my very first ice climb! On top of climbing, though, it was great to play tourist a bit. The Ice Park’s scenery is definitely not tough on the eyes:

By the end of the day we were tired, a bit cold, and hungry. We grabbed hot chocolates to enjoy while watching the tail end of the mixed climbing competition.

After we refueled with burgers at O’Briens, Dave, Jillian and I lost steam to go to the Prom party up in Ouray but we were re-energized enough to take a drive up to Red Mountain Pass for a short moonlight snowshoe adventure.

The next day, we took the ’77 Cherokee out for her inaugural 3Up cruise and explored Telluride poking into stores, sipping coffee, and enjoying the day.

I hope my guests all had fun, it was a blast to have a houseful for the weekend!!

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