Local Exploration: Baldy Peak Summit

A couple of weeks ago, Sprocket and I went for a hike on the slopes of Baldy Peak. We didn’t reach the summit as a result of a late start and insufficient calorie consumption by the biped of the duo…

Baldy Peak from Ridgway:

Baldy Peak from Ridgway

As is usual for me, not reaching the summit only fueled my desire to get there especially since it is visible from town. Valentine’s Day morning, I asked a friend to drop me off at the end of County Road 14 and started the hike. Looking north, I could see dawn on Horsefly Peak and still twilight shrouded valley south of Ridgway.

Ridgway Valley in shadow

A lot of snow had melted between our attempt two weeks earlier and this one. There was no bare ground visible here last time:

Near Baldy Peak trailhead

Instead of sticking to the snowcovered trail, Sprocket and I forged a path upwards to the ridge through the scrub oak. I kept heading up and to the northeast and ended up with a route that was fairly direct.

Selfie on the slopes of Baldy Peak

Selfie with Sprocket

We paused for me to take off a layer and to watch the sunrise over the hill across the small drainage:

Sunrise over Corbett Creek

Once we attained the ridge we began working our way north towards Baldy. The ridge was snow covered in places and bare in others. I did a lot of taking my snowshoes off and putting them back on as we headed for the summit.

Sprocket looking at Baldy Peak

Sprocket on Baldy Peak

It was another beautiful bluebird day. I sat on the top and contemplated the mountains surrounding me and was pretty content.

Views from Baldy Peak

Sprocket and I headed off Baldy’s west ridge and began traversing north towards an abandoned road. There was a lot of bushwacking through deep snow—Sprocket was one tired puppy when we got done.


Muddy equipment

The snow was really wet and as I walked down the escarpment towards Highway 550, I was soaked, muddy, and quite pleased with my hike.

Panorama from Baldy Peak

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