Brown Mountain Jeep Road

I’ve been just dying to get up into the high country. Just after I left for my trip with Amanda, I found out that the Brown Mountain road was open. I remembered Brown Mountain having a pretty good rock base to the road so once I was back in Ridgway, I decided it would be a great first outing in the San Juans for the spring and a great first San Juan outting for Francis.

Just as I’d hoped, the road wasn’t really muddy at all until just below the small lake near the top of the road. With such a short distance to walk, it wasn’t worth tearing up the road so I parked the jeep and started walking.

The hike up Brown Mountain from the end of the road is steep but it’s short and always worth it. As it was, there were still some pretty big snow cornices at the top of the ridge and the snow definitely did some settling as I walked on it so we called it quits up there pretty quickly (having already gotten our 1,000′ of elevation gain already!) and headed back down to the jeep.

I kind of always get a kick out of driving the FSJ. As we were coming down the mountain, Rage Against The Machine’s “Renegades” came on shuffle and I just couldn’t help but smile. What a life?, right?!

Even Sprocket had to agree although he wasn’t happy with his seat choice in the passenger footwell (he chose it, I swear!):

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