Stonewear Designs Velocity Top

I just found this in my draft posts and even though I’m not a Stonewear ambassador anymore, this top is great and they still sell it so I’m sharing it with you now. Better late than never! Here’s a sweet t-shirt that is great for hiking, running, and more:

Stonewear Designs Velocity Top is the only t-shirt currently in my running rotation. I usually swear by a tank top and a long sleeve layer if necessary but the Velocity is so lightweight it won me over.

The same cap sleeves that I was so skeptical about I found to be super comfortable while running. I’ve worn this shirt throughout the spring for running and decided that it had been tested enough to be my choice for running the Rainier To Ruston relay last spring (I ran 13+ miles as part of a 4-person team). The Velocity is lightweight and moves excellently with me. As a testament to how much I enjoy wearing it, the top can almost always be found in the dirty clothes and has been dug out of the hamper a time or two to be worn on a run…

It also works really well for hiking—it lays nicely under a backpack and is long enough that the hip belt on my pack goes over it rather than the shirt riding up to my waist.

The moisture wicking fabric does a really good job of keeping me comfortable during a run or a hike although like many synthetic fabrics it tends to hold odor.

I was skeptical about the grey contrasting sleeve but I love the look. My top is Rhubarb but I really like the look of all the colors. The neckline is also really flattering with a deeper scoop neck than you usually find in athletic wear. Many of my non-Stonewear sports bras show under the Velocity although the Crossback Top works perfectly (which is fine with me as I love the Crossback, review here) but sadly, it isn’t available from Stonewear anymore (check online to see if you can find it on closeout and buy three, seriously).

I used to be a Stonewear Designs Ambassador and received this shirt and other items from Stonewear as a member of the program, however all opinions are my own.

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