Minor League Baseball: Grand Junction Rockies

I love baseball. I grew up in a family where baseball was the soundtrack to our summers. I’ve been reclaiming baseball in my life this summer first with a Tacoma Rainiers game and now with the Grand Junction Rockies.

I went to my first game right after coming back from Seattle. The Grand Junction team is a rookie affiliate of the Colorado Rockies that plays in the Pioneer League. All tickets were $9 and the food prices left no room for complaining ($3.50 beer for both micros and macros, $3 hotdogs, $4.50 cheeseburgers, etc.) and the field was gorgeous.

I got a good kick out of the “Beer Batter” promotion: an opposing batter is chosen as the beer batter and if he strikes out looking, Bud Lights are $2 for the next 10 minutes.

I had so much fun that when I realized I’d be spending the night in the Grand Junction area on Monday, the first thing I did was check to see if the ball club was in town. Since they were, I went in search of a scorebook. If I’m going to watch baseball, I love keeping score, especially if I’m solo.

I had another amazing day at the ballpark; it’s a pretty great way to spend an evening and I look forward to going more often in August when I’m only living a half hour away.

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  1. I use to see the Bend Oregon Rockies play in Bellingham a long time ago. Not sure what the name of the league was but it was rookies that were playing the summer up to Labor Day weekend. My nearest minor league park is the Triple A Indianapolis Indians .. for the Pirates. I’m a Reds fan but still enjoy watching the Indians win, although those players may be beating the Reds in years to come. BTW … that’s a great beer promotion.

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