Bennett Peak: Rio Grande County Highpoint

After a day with successful summits of both Summit and Conejos Peaks, I headed eastwards through the mountains to the small community of Jasper. In Jasper, I turned north onto Blowout Pass road. Blowout Pass wasn’t a particularly difficult drive, it was just steep and narrow however, I was very much hoping I didn’t run into someone coming downhill (and if I did, I was totally going to invoke the rules of the road and make the downhill car back up the hill). At the top of the pass, we found a lot of cows grazing on both sides of a cattle guard. I’ve never had issues with cows, they mostly just ignore vehicles passing through, and I pulled over to sleep for the night.

The cows didn’t go away.

They hung out for almost an hour licking the Jeep and generally trying to decide what was going on. Eventually, they got bored (I assume) and wandered away. After the cows left the rain started. And just kept going alllllll night.

Fortunately, in the morning, the clouds seemed to be parting so we headed up for the short hike to the summit of Bennett Peak. I honestly didn’t feel all that great after eating a can of tilapia for dinner and then skipping breakfast (thanks cows for making it kinda weird to get out and cook…) but the hike was short and straightforward up a quad track. It made for some sort of miserable hiking because where there was no rock it was kind of muddy and then on the uphills there were big chunky rocks that weren’t all that fun to walk on.


We took a quick photo at the summit to celebrate my 16th Colorado County Highpoint and then headed back down the trail.

I was happy to see that the cows hadn’t tried to climb over the jeep or something crazy in our absence. Driving down the south side of Blowout Pass made me a little bit nervous (I didn’t really want to back up for miles to find a place for someone to pass me) plus I decided gas was closer if I headed out to the north. The road was pretty muddy just getting off the top of the pass and again further down. At one point I found myself going a little too fast (and had already gone back to 2WD) and ended up sideways in the road. I slowed down, went back into 4WD until I got to pavement, and safely made it down to Del Norte.

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    1. I was just telling a friend that summer always seems to fly by really fast and that we (in general) never seem to get to do all the activities that we’d hoped to do during the long winter. I, for probably the first time, really feel like I’ve done this summer Right. 🙂

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