English Paper Piecing Quilt, Part 4

I knew that I’d made progress last winter towards piecing all of those darn little hexagon flowers together and I rationally knew that if I opted to machine quilt, I would probably finish it this winter. A really huge part of me really wants to see it done before mid-January. A three year gestation period is plenty long for any project.

But on to the exciting part!

Thursday afternoon, I realized that this was all that was left. After all the thousands and thousands of little pieces, there were about sixty to go.

So I promptly spent my Friday driving to Junction to use my 60% off JoAnns coupon on quilt backing fabric. (And then the Jeep starter decided to strike. But that’s another story.)

I worked on it Friday night and woke up Saturday down to my last row of pieces. Thirty more pieces to finish! I started live tweeting my quilting. (No joke. Sprocket just wasn’t being excited enough and I needed to share.)

Finally, I was down to the last ten.

And then it was the last one.

Two years and nine months later, the hexagon piecing is done.

I’d been removing the paper slips as I went out of necessity because if I waited too long it became really hard to manipulate the quilt to add more pieces. I did iron the backside today to make sure that most of the hexagon backs were laying flat as we start to move towards the final completion of the quilt top and making the quilt “sandwich.”

I still have a ways to go before I have a truly completed quilt: I’m adding a small gray border to even out the edges and frame it, then I need to prepare the backing. After those are both ready, I’ll lay it all together, pin it and prepare to start quilting.

I’m about 90% committed to machine quilting. I’ve loved working on this but it’s really sucked a lot of my time. I haven’t done near as much reading as I would have liked in the last two winters because I committed that time to quilting. We’ll see. There’s that 10% of me screaming “But you did all that hand sewing! Finish it!”

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