On The Screen: Mile… Mile and Half

Although Saturday morning was special in that I finished piecing the hexagons for my quilt, I followed my usual practice of drinking coffee between pieces and watching something on my laptop. While I was browsing Netflix, Mile, Mile and A Half showed up in my suggestions. I was super excited since I’d been hearing about it for quite awhile but some how hadn’t gotten around to it.

It wound up being a really hard film to watch while quilting. Even as excited as I was to finish, the quilt lay dormant in my hands a lot as I was completely fascinated by the gorgeous footage of the high Sierras. I haven’t spent any time in the Sierras and this film really made me want to go check it out.

Mile… Mile and Half tells the story of a group of friends that not only sets out to hike California’s 210 mile long John Muir Trail but also to document their hike. They absolutely killed it at the documentation part. This is one visually stunning documentary.

I was skeptical about how much I would actually enjoy the story of their particular thru-hike. I mentioned in my review of the really enjoyable Almost Somewhere that some trail memoirs are really painful for me and in the first ten minutes of of Mile Mile and Half, I started to fear this was going to be one of those memoirs. It wasn’t. This group of friends tackled pass after pass in a really high snowpack year and with each one, I cheered them on a little more. They were frank and honest about their challenges but they also remained happy and upbeat throughout the hike.

For someone who would love to visit “The Range of Light,” this film was exciting. (And for that same person whose vehicle is not currently running it was frustrating to not be in the mountains…) I’m not sure that for non-hikers this film would hold one’s attention. It is visually appealing and that might be enough. But for an outdoors person? The enthusiasm of Durand, Ric, Jen, Jason, and Zee is infectious. I wanted to run to the Sierra, and being unable to do that, I wanted to immediately find myself in the mountains of Colorado.

Mile… Mile And A Half is currently streaming on both Amazon Prime and Netflix. It is definitely worth your viewing time!

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  1. I remember seeing the preview back in 2011 and being anxious to watch it. I didn’t get around to it until sometime in the last year. I really loved it, too. Greats story, great footage…overall a good movie!

    Have you watched 180* South?

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