De Beque Canyon Project: Garfield County Road 207

Since we can’t always go galivanting off to the high mountains, Sprocket and I started a little project exploring the De Beque area a little closer. De Beque sits at the confluence of Roan Creek and the Colorado River. Roan Creek drains a surprisingly large area among the Roan Cliffs and so we’re out to explore as much of the area as we can.

Grand Junction is located in broad valley you see in the lower right (just southwest out of the frame) and Highway 139 visible on the left leads north to Rangely. Private land is really common here so the trick is to find public lands to play on close to home!

We started out driving from De Beque to the far northwestern reaches of the canyon system. I had hoped to drive out of the canyon and link up with Highway 139 and although it seems so possible, I’m pretty sure all roads are gated preventing the linkup. (But finding out for sure is half the fun of the project!)

Our adventure really got down to business on Garfield County Road 207 up Carr Creek. We were hoping to head up the Left Fork of Carr Creek to Upper 4A Mountain but we found the road gated just before we would have started climbing out of the canyon.

Plan foiled.

Interestingly, the gate came just before a very prominent jog in the road as shown on the county road map. If this jog in the road was open, the road would be reentering public lands just as the county road ended. I’ve emailed the county road and bridge director to see if I can get anymore information on exactly where the road should be closed.

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