Cross Country Skiing: Grand Mesa

Sprocket and I decided to follow up our hike of Mt. Garfield with an afternoon of cross country skiing on Grand Mesa. Sprocket had missed out on my first cross country ski adventure due to doctors orders so he was still anxious to get outside and play when he saw the snow boots:

Sprocket and shoes

He was ON my shoulder the whole way up to the Mesa and when we arrived at the County Line ski parking lot he was all worked up and ready to run! 

Cuddle dog

There were quite a few people leaving the parking lot at the same time and Sprocket was just excited to see people all over the place. He hardly seemed to notice all the skis and poles around (can you believe this is really his first experience with skis of any type??) and was, in typical Sprocket fashion, happy to see people but also happy to take off down the trail in front of the crowd.

Sprocket Cross Country Skiing

Once he figured out what I was doing, he trotted happily in front of me. (And he somehow knew to stay out of the groomed tracks?)

Happy Dog

Sprocket's first Cross Country Ski Adventure

We headed out to a viewpoint, looking south over Delta towards the San Juans. This photo does nothing to show how amazing this view was.

Delta, Sneffles Range, Black Canyon

Beth selfie with views

Taking in the views

After taking a few photos, Sprocket got impatient and sent his message loud and clear “Mommy, let’s GO”:

Sprocket Nose

In all, we went about six miles before heading back down the Mesa to De Beque.

Driving down the mesa

I think I tired out the puppy.

Tired dog

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