2016 In Review: By The Numbers

As I alluded to in my 2016 review post, this was not necessarily my best year for tallying big numbers since there were other priorities on the docket but I want to document things for posteritiy anyway. (My 2015 post is here if you’re curious!)


This year is a bit complicated in the hiking section since I definitely trail ran things that I would have counted as “hiking” in the past but I didn’t split my runs in my tracking between “trail running” and “road running” but I’m not going to stress too  much about my data.

I hiked 176 miles in 44 different outings down from 50 trips and 277 miles in 2015 (including some snowshoe adventures).


I hiked 43 summits in 130 miles with 30,115 feet of elevation gain. This was a pretty small decrease in the number of peaks but a pretty substantial plummet to my mileage and vertical from 2015.

I hiked 17 county highpoints in Colorado, Arizona, Utah, and Oklahoma. My goal of finishing Colorado’s County High Points by the end of 2016, took a beating thanks to the fact that I deferred to my goal of building a house. Taking a Spring Break trip to collect most of the plains highpoints taking me to 73.4% (47/64). I grabbed my first two Utah county highpoints over Labor Day weekend. I also added three of Arizona’s County High Points, reaching 66.7% (10/15) on my annual Thanksgiving road trip adventure. I made it to the summit of Oklahoma’s state highpoint, my only state highpoint of the year.


I did much better at running in 2016 (and started supplementing running with some cross country skiing). Sprocket and I started practicing #joyrunning and found ourselves exploring trails much more. I got my behind out more than 200 times covering 345 mi! This is still nothing amazing but I’m getting better; we’ll see if I can do more than that in 2017!

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  1. Just stumbled across your refreshing 3up Adventures Blog (I’m always on the lookout for “real people” adventure blogs, especially hikers, runners, Mtn bikers and Mtn climber types).
    I immediately noticed name-drops of so many familiar places and photos that I recognized. We live in Lovely Ouray (overlooking the Hot Springs Pool) and fell in love with this area for the same reasons you did… primarily, being able to go for a hike/run/bike right out our front door (tho we do envy Ridgway’s sun during winter:))
    You remind me of myself… so many interests, always dividing my time and energy until I can’t do justice to any one thing. Priority is now anything that involves movement, exploring, and the great outdoors, art, writing, and other endeavors come second.
    We are getting ready to bid winter goodbye and head to Southern Arid-zona for a couple of months… mostly bouncing around Tucson/Madera Canyon/Saquaro N. Park (Gilbert Ray Campground). So yes, familiar with Brown Mountain, climb Wrightson every winter, hike Madera’s wonderful trails… even stopping by Mc Dowell Mtn Park east of Phoenix to bike/hike their wonderful trail system.
    Keep moving (as if you need that advice :)). Embrace every day individually… appreciate it for what it offers, and know that you will eventually end up where you belong doing what you were meant/love to do.
    Box Canyon Mark (and Bobbie)

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