House Building: Plan Approval

Last Tuesday, the planning and zoning commission in Ridgway decided that my plans for the house were okay with them even though they differ from the home design standard a little bit. It was nerve-wracking although clearly it turned out okay. I treated myself to takeout Thai in order to celebrate.

That means that I spent the rest of the week giving the draftsperson the go-ahead to finish up with the plans, lining up an engineer, and starting the loan application process. I spend almost 30% of my nights in a shed and the other 70% in a rental house, I would really like to get this process going, you know?

This all feels so surreal. It also feels strange to talk about publicly because so much at this point leans on my finance and in America we don’t talk about finances because people feel bad about money and it’s “impolite.”  (I’d argue that dollars are just facts/numbers not value judgements but alas…)  So, here goes, if this whole house plan grinds to a halt at this stage, it’s because it’s tied up with my financial situation.

In the meantime, here’s the elevations and floor plans. Architect is … me.

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  1. Sweet! Not shown, of course, are the beautiful San Juans from the deck/Great Room and your own lovely acreage outside.

    On a slab or crawl space? Thinking secret pocket door from the closet in bedroom 1 to the mechanical room (if it’s insulated/heated). Oh, and what about a flat roof to support a 2nd deck above the mechanical room? Would take another exterior door from the top of the stairs, though, and it would have to be a skinny one. Unless, of course, you put the door at the lower L corner of the Great Room and run a little walkway to it from there.

    Ack, sorry! No end of ways to run up the cost are there? Can’t help myself. Do love your plan the way it is. Post shouldn’t be tagged “small houses” though. Should feel like the Taj Mahal after living in a shed. Who else has your spunk, Beth? Not 1 in 10,000!

    Congratulations on plan approval!

  2. This looks great. I am happy for you. If you have issues with a lender, my sis-in-law is a mortgage specialist and works for a great lender and she has gotten a lot of people loans who have had challenges.

    Curious as to the choice to put the living area on top. Is this better in colder climates? My instinct would be to have all the cooking/etc. heat the upstairs all day, so sleeping would be cozy. But I am a SoCal native, so what do I know? 🙂

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