2018 In Review: By The Numbers

Hallelujah it was better than 2016 & 2017.


Although 23 peaks is my second lowest summits since 2014, reaching them involved 47,500′ of elevation gain, the second highest gain since 2014. I simply did most of my climbing here at home which makes for lots of elevation gain.

I added seven county highpoints to the tally: one in Colorado, three in Utah, one in Nevada, one in Oregon and one in Washington.

You can clearly see the rebound happening here! You can also see how there were fewer peaks but with more mileage and elevation gain.
Again, not as many peaks but more high (and high quality!) ones


The line between these two seemed to further blur for me this year as I started to run as often as possible in the mountains (mostly power hiking up and running down) in order to maximize time and mountains visited. (Incidentally, this lead to me running my first 50k in November.)

In 2017, I hiked 29 times and ran 46 for 150 hiking + 184 running = 234 miles. Well. About that. In 2018, I count 28 hikes but 77 runs (which is still meh) but… for a grand total of 646 miles. I signed up for a 70k in July with lotsssss of elevation gain so I’m expecting to see these numbers climb in 2019!

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