Stocked for winter

I promised awhile back that I’d update you all with how much wood we actually had when it was all split and stacked.

The answer? About 13 1/2 in the big pile. Plus the 1/2 cord of reject wood and the wood we had left over from last winter. And Forrest sold a cord. That makes 15 cords of wood.

That's what 13 1/2 cord looks like.

Home Buying: Part IV

Sometimes when you’re tearing a whole house apart it’s the little things.

See the chimney in the middle? It’s painted beige just like the walls so you might miss it. Sticking out past the cabinet there? We’d pretty much decided taking it out was a lot of work considering that we had a whole bunch of other more pressing needs (heat and toilet basically) so it was moved to the back burner. Continue reading “Home Buying: Part IV”


The bedrooms are textured and painted and we’re planning on working on the main room of the house this week! Six months after buying our house we’re approaching (temporary) completion of the interior!

We also scavenged a bunch of miscellaneous things we needed from garage sales last weekend including sheets for the cabin, a nicer coffee pot, some cast iron skillets (cabin), a light fixture for the closet, a spring form pan, and some other stuff… green reusing progress!

Home Buying: Part III

Continuing our series about renovating our little house. Check out Part I for and Part II other exciting projects.

Today we’re going to talk about heat. We bought our house December 23rd and had taken a chance and gave notice at our rental about a week before…move in date…January 13. On top of making sure we would have a shower and toilet we needed to figure out how to heat the place.

Our house hadn’t been occupied full time for about ten years. Somewhere along the line the vent pipe for the furnace leaked and water got into the heat exchanger. The previous owner seemed happy enough to just heat with space heaters when he and his family came up to Mullan for the weekend (although I doubt they were here in the winter much after that happened). The electric space heaters they left behind barely took the edge off the cold. Continue reading “Home Buying: Part III”

Home Buying: Part II

I’m going to continue our adventures in home buying/renovation today with our bathroom (I admit I choose this in large part because it’s basically done). Its absolutely ridiculous to remember this happening.

When we bought the house it took a lot of imagination to picture actually living here. It also took a bit of ingenuity to figure out how to make our 900 sq. foot house nice and livable (like not having the washer and dryer in the kitchen). A few floor plans later we ended up gaining a closet, merging the bathrooms, and creating a more private master bedroom entrance. Continue reading “Home Buying: Part II”

Home Buying: Part I

When we purchased our house F asked me if I was going to blog about our projects. Unfortunately, we didn’t have internet at either our rental or our house at the time so it wasn’t really going to happen. I’m going to start a little mini-series on our adventure to home ownership and the subsequent renovation.

Last September, I was offered a job in rural Idaho. At the time, we were living in Missoula where I was working a job I hated (with people I really liked!), paying way too much for rent, and living in a big city where we did not want to be.

Suddenly, we were presented with an option that I thought it would take a lot longer than three months to find. I had foreseen us moving around for awhile while I built my career and eventually stumbling upon the golden combination of sweet job and even sweeter place to live. It took just three months. Continue reading “Home Buying: Part I”

Stocking up for winter

Forrest might have gone a bit overboard on the whole getting wood thing this year. We’re guessing he’s hauled home nearly twelve, yes, TWELVE, cords of wood. (In case you’re not familiar with the volume measurement for wood a cord is a pile of split and stacked wood 4 feet by 4 feet by 8 feet or 128 cubic feet.) Let me explain how overboard this is:

Just SOME of our wood

Continue reading “Stocking up for winter”

Jeep Cherokee Sleeping Setup

Way back in New Orleans Meg told me that I needed to do a post on how we set up the Jeep for camping. We spent a lot of time in the XJ with two people and a puppy pretty comfortably, so here it is, by request…

Day setup:
The futon is folded over so Sprocket can lay on it up by us but the crate is still available in case he gets wet or really dirty.

Everything in its place
Side storage for tools, water, etc.

Camp Setup:

Setting up camp
Well stocked for adventure
All ready for bed
Sprocket needs to stop growing


Building the platform

Yesterday Forrest and I spent our sunny Saturday afternoon starting to put together our sleeping platform in the back of the Cherokee. The platform is definitely taking shape–we made the platform itself as well as the three main lengthwise runners. Our long plastic containers perfectly between the runners and the cooler should fit just in front (or so my cardboard mockup seems to indicate). We still need to make the front cross-brace and add the brackets to keep things square but we’re getting closer! Our list of things to do isn’t getting shorter quite yet, we keep thinking of new things to do, but the items are getting smaller and more optional.

We took stock of what we’ll need to pack and where we’ll put it and everything seems like they’ll have nice places to go. I’m feeling pretty optimistic that things shouldn’t be too crammed together. Once I defend next Thursday I can really start rounding up the things that we’ll need and finalizing what goes where!