Barry M. Goldwater Bombing Range Tour

Last Thursday, F and I were invited out on a tour of the Barry M. Goldwater Range. We were taken out to Range 1 just to the north of Ajo and got to watch some F-16s and A-10s do some practice bombing and strafing runs.

I wasn’t quite fast enough with the camera, but I did barely capture this shot of the F-16’s afterburner.

Beyond the tower for Range 1 is the road to some of the Barry M. Goldwater tactical ranges. The range is closed to the public (except for a few small areas) so this is off limits.

After the speed of the F-16s, the A-10s threatened to be a bit of a disappointment, however it was still really amazing to see them up so close! (And it’s a bit easier to take pictures of them!)

Hi pilot!

Our own private airshow

Monday, we headed down to Ajo to drop off some of our extra stuff and the Jeep. On our way back up the Phoenix area through the Goldwater Bombing Range there were a couple of A-10s doing training exercises. We pulled over to the side of the road to watch for awhile and I managed to grab some pictures at pretty close range.

Look just over the bushes on the right

Then we heard a noise. Looking over across the highway, we saw the dust clouds from live ammo practice.

Shooting live ammo.
Nothing like being able to see the pilot.
Some time well spent on the side of the highway