Childs Mountain

A couple weekends ago, we joined in on a sunset tour of Childs Mountain. The road to the top is usually gated but Cabeza Prieta opens the gate once a month for the public. The views were incredible and made us want to get out and explore, explore, explore!


One of our morning coffee buddies, “Boozer,” asked if we would take him out in the Jeep so that he could show us some of the cool things to be seen in the desert around Ajo. We happily agreed and last week, Forrest, Boozer, Kathy, and I set off on a little adventure—Boozer promised to show us some morteros (holes in rocks where the Papago indians used to grind mesquite pods into meal).

Tour guide Boozer

Camelback Mountain

Last week, Sprocket and I climbed Camelback Mountain (2,573′) above Ajo, Arizona. (Camelback is more informally known in Ajo as “A Mountain”). It was a lovely day and a lot of fun to be out hiking with Sprocket!

New Cornelia Mine from the slopes of Camelback Mountain
My faithful hiking buddy
Ajo, Arizona from Camelback Mountain
Camelback Mountain (with the Ajo Historical Museum in the foreground)