How To: Cleaning Dog Hair out of Car Carpet

Sprocket comes everywhere with us. That means that there’s black dog hair everywhere. At first, I really just tried to vacuum his hair out of the car and it just never really worked. The magic of Google turned me on to this nifty trick.

You start out with carpet that looks like this, even after its been vacuumed:

Grab your handy dandy weapon that is likely already located under your sink:

Rub the rubber glove along the carpet. The hair will move out of the carpet pile and collect into a pile that will vacuum out.

And just like that, you’ll have nice clean carpet!

Madly House Cleaning

You know what happens when you (mostly) finish a renovation? Your house is pretty much impossible to clean. I’ve been done with sheet rock for a really long time but somehow, I still find sheetrock dust everywhere.

The renovation is also not totally completely done because there is still trim missing in miscellaneous places around your house. Summer in northern Idaho will be over soon and your cabin still doesn’t have siding so the trim is waiting until fall/winter (this probably only applies to me but oh well). Lack of trim makes everything just seem a little less clean somehow.

Copyright Allie Brosh, Hyperbole and a Half (Yes I know I've linked to this before. But it's pretty much how I feel.)

Anyway, my mom and aunt are going to be in town on Friday afternoon and I would really like my house to be looking completely fabulous (or as fabulous as it can) by the time they get here. Neither of them have seen the house in person so this is my first chance to show off our little life here in Idaho.

Rather than writing a blog post last night (sorry!), I washed down the slate, washed the living room floor twice (and there is still a cloudiness caused by residual sheetrock dust!), washed the living room windows, and did dishes. And on the docket for tonight is kitchen counters, cabinets, and floors and hopefully the bedroom and bathroom. Phew.

I’m so opening my bottle of Spanish Valley Vineyards Chardonnay tonight.