The Pond Aflame

On the property we have a dry “pond” dug by a previous owner. The pond had a ton of old lumber and debris in it. Last week, those piles went up in flames:

Burning The Dugout

Next to the very unlivable house on our property, was a small dugout shelter. The dugout had collapsed sometime within the last couple of years and wasn’t worth salvaging so we decided it needed to be among the first things we cleaned up on the property.

Burning the dugout created a nice deep hole that is perfect for burning brush and old lumber we find around the place so there really isn’t an “after” picture yet. I did, rather, have lots of fun taking picture of fire.

Sprocket was helpful as always:

Dugout on fire



Burning the dugout



Cleanup Begins…

Buying a new property always involves a some work to make it what you need it to be. If you’re picking up properties on the cheap (as we always do) there’s always an element of imagining what things will be like once we’re done cleaning up. We’ve been hard at work and I should have some “before and after” posts coming for you soon! For now, here’s some shots of what we’re up against:

Scrap metal:

Old tires:

Piles of wood:

Random cross-property fencing:

Old outbuildings: