Touring Seattle’s Fire Boats

Forrest, Sprocket, and I decided to go walk around downtown Seattle a bit. Forrest had never been to Seattle (and neither has Sprocket) so we started out on the waterfront. After we stared at the fireboats from the Ivar’s pier for awhile, Forrest sent me up to the door of the station to ask if we could have a tour. To our surprise, not only were they happy to give a tour to two volunteer firefighters from Colorado but they let Sprocket join us! (My dog was seriously impressive: wonderfully well behaved, didn’t flinch at the grated ramps, or jumping on the boat. He’s awesome.)

For information on official tours of the fireboat, please visit the Seattle Fire Department’s Fire Station Tour information page.

I slid down a fire pole!

Yup. I slid down a firepole. Multiple times. The tones went off, the EMTs headed down the pole so I did too. It was awesome.

As part of our EMT course, we are required to do two ride-a-longs with the Coeur D’Alene Fire Department. Forrest and I asked our instructor to schedule us on the same days (Forrest at one station and me at another) so we could ride together…and then the instructor even scheduled us for one weekend so we got to ride on back to back days.

I really enjoyed riding along. It was nice to have some emergency response experience as it really helped me to actually process what was happening rather than being overwhelmed. The EMTs and medics were all really awesome to me. I got to take blood pressures and lend a hand wherever I could.

It was great to get a taste for a larger size department (Coeur D’Alene’s population is about 45,000) and have a stream of calls coming in. It was even better to remember that I am good in an emergency situation. In “real life” I’m not the most observant person in the world and don’t always see the little things I can do that would be helpful (I’ve tried to help Forrest a million times and just wind up frustrating us both) but somehow in the emergency setting I see little ways that I can help. I can process the scene happening in front of me and can be a pair of hands that open packages for medics, hold IV bags, help family members move their coffee table out of the way, and start oxygen flowing.

We got back home last night really tired but I was really proud of myself.

Back to class tonight…keep on learning!

P.S. Did I mention I slid down a fire pole? SO COOL.

Fireman’s Fun Festival-Day 2

Day 2 of Fireman’s Fun Festival is all about the kids. We set up an obstacle course and sent kids from ages 3 through 13 through it. The kids also got to do a version of make-and-break, similar to the adult version from Saturday. When the events were over the fire engines and the ambulance did laps around town for about an hour, sirens going, full of the kids. (Forrest says he drove every street in town…he’s feeling pretty good behind the wheel of the truck!)


Obstacle course

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Fireman’s Fun Festival–Day 1

Yesterday was Mullan’s Fireman’s Fun Festival. This annual tradition has been going on for well, longer than anyone seems to know. The morning began with a parade and then it was time for the firefighter games.


F gets to drive the fire truck!

Forrest, his brothers, and I competed in the games. I think everyone had fun, I certainly did, although Skye probably didn’t appreciate being dropped during the bed races. Continue reading “Fireman’s Fun Festival–Day 1”