Last weekend we decided to go to Missoula to spend the weekend with Glenn and Terry. After work we hopped in the jeep and headed over the pass. We stopped at the Natural Pier Bridge in Alberton for a stretch break. Sprocket was less than pleased that we made him stay out of the river but it was flowing hard! (And we didn’t particularly want to arrive at Glenn and Terry’s with Wet Dog.)

Once we got to their house, Glenn pulled out some leftovers for a really yummy dinner. Their kitchen began to fill as Buck and Sue arrived, then Terry came home from work, then another friend, Brandon, joined us. Cocktail hour had stretched into cocktail evening!

The next morning we relaxed with coffee and discussed (debated?) some current Missoula events before heading off to the farmer’s market. When we’d lived in Missoula I hadn’t realized that the farmers markets (there are three downtown on Saturdays) were such an event! There was great looking produce everywhere punctuated with some cheese and local meat as well as ready to eat food—I enjoyed a breakfast burrito and F tried a French sausage. Both were awesome!

After the farmer’s markets, we met at Buck’s house to take the dogs hiking in Pattee Canyon. Sprocket wasn’t much into playing with the other dogs but really seemed to like getting out and moving around. There were quite a few people out and about. After our hike, we ran some errands (Home Depot, Harbor Freight, Petco) as we do when we’re “in town” and picked up some steaks at Costco for dinner.

Dinner turned into an awesome evening! The original plan of steak, potatoes and bread turned into a feast. Terry decided to make some salsa verde and guacamole for appetizers. Then we decided to cook some morels that were growing in the yard (yes, morels in the yard). Then Buck and Sue brought a salad. Yummy awesome goodness. We all pitched in on cooking as best we could (which meant Forrest and I followed the directions we were given). Wine and conversation flowed and tons of food was consumed. I think I ate from 4pm until about 8pm without stopping. The evening was capped off with strawberry rhubarb cobbler. When we finally made it to bed I was stuffed.

The next morning the feasting continued. We had steak (even better after more marinating!) and scrambled eggs (with fresh herbs and cheese)! Brandon even came over to join us and brought the fixings for mimosas.

Forrest and I had been hoping to get a hike in on the way home but since it was pouring down rain, we settled for a stop in Alberton to visit the Montana Valley Book Store (packed full of books of questionable quality at sort of expensive prices). I did come away with a copy of William O. Douglas’ My Wilderness: East To Katahdin though.

In the end we had a lovely weekend. Thank you so much to Glenn and Terry for hosting us! We had a blast.

On The Screen: King Corn & Girls

I got sucked into watching King Corn and episode one of Girls last night instead of writing a post… so today you get the quickest of quick blurbs about both.

The short version: Watch King Corn, prepared to feel a bit fatalistic about farming and food production in America. Watch Girls, if only to formulate your own opinion (there’s plenty of cultural criticism pieces on the internet if you’re so inclined).

The longer version:

I really enjoyed King Corn. The two film makers leave Boston and travel to Iowa to raise an acre of corn and follow it through the industrialized farm/food system. There was very little new information I learned in the film and it only furthered my insistence that we need new (less?) farm policy in this country.

I also liked Girls. It is an interesting take on people who are supposed to be my contemporaries. While my life looks nothing like theirs (aka no parental support, decent job, rural vs New York) there are certain things I relate to in the post-college I’m supposed to be an adult but don’t really feel like one sense. I’m interested to see how some of the characters develop over the season.

Edit: I wasn’t completely unproductive yesterday. I had a Skype date with lovely friends. I washed the wheels on my Jeep (Forrest changed his mind about what tires he wanted on there again). So not completely wasted….

Team 3Up Thanksgiving

It was just F, Sprocket and I for Thanksgiving this year. I decided to cook a chicken rather than a turkey because it was a lot more manageable and I wasn’t really sure how fast we could go through leftovers.

I cooked up dinner rolls, the chicken, stuffing, yams, and mashed potatoes with gravy. I bought the fixings for salad but it didn’t make it to the table. We (well, just myself) sipped on Camel Road pinot noir and enjoyed our meal that was capped off by pumpkin pie with fresh whipped cream.

Grocery Outlet Madness

Yesterday after work F and I headed over to Spokane to do some shopping. The basic mission was to grab as much non-perishable/deep cold resistant food as we could so we don’t have to snowmobile/hike it in this winter. (Also, if the heavy canned stuff is already there we have more room for bread, butter, and other yummies.) And we decided we should also buy some more for the house since we were there.

I am sad I didn’t have my camera in Grocery Outlet. We filled two carts. It was absolutely ridiculous. We also followed up with a Walmart run for things that weren’t a great deal at Grocery Outlet (mostly instant oatmeal).

Then we went to Petco and bought Sprocket 5 bags of food. The spoiled pup gets Purina Pro Plan and we can’t find that in the Silver Valley so we try to stock up. (He used to get even fancier grain free food…but it didn’t agree very well with his digestive tract.) The end result of this being that Sprocket is prepared for winter too.

This picture does not fully represent the amount of FOOD we hauled into the house.

P.S. SP also got a Santa hat at Petco. SO CUTE.


Saturday we had the first huckleberries of the year! They were delicious and we both were picking them by the handful and eating them immediately.

The property is covered in huckleberry bushes but we’ll have to wait a bit for our high elevation berries. I can’t wait!