On-The-Road Friends: Glamis, California to Quartzsite, Arizona

While we were in Glamis, F observed that five bicyclists had ridden up and were making camp near us. Glamis is full of all sorts of motorized recreation and bicyclists are really an anomaly so it took me a minute to actually process what he was actually talking about. Curious about what they were up to, we wandered over to introduce ourselves.

Lisa, Spencer, Miriam, and Tok had just met up with Tyler, a fellow Southern Tier traveler as they pulled into the dunes looking for a place to camp. Over a round of beers, we talked about our travels. F and I decided to pull the camper over near their tents to have a shared camp. We invited them to cook their dinner in the camper where Tok whipped together a delicious noodle and soup dish for us all. We chatted until the weary bicyclists were ready for bed and in the morning we said our goodbyes.

Camper on the Colorado River

Several hours later, F and I made camp along the shores of the Colorado River at the “hippie hole” near Cibola, Arizona. As we relaxed, we thought of our fellow travelers pedaling our way and F decided he’d take the truck back to the highway and invite them down to our camp again. Tyler had continued on to Blythe but the other riders were happy to join us at our cozy little spot. This time, we spent a quiet evening relaxing next to the campfire as the evening chill began to fall swapping stories of travel, life, books, and adventure.

Palo Verde Peak

In the morning, we said our goodbyes once again before Lisa, Spencer, Miriam, and Tok pressed on. As we passed them several miles up the road, we pulled over and invited them to join us at our camp in Quartzsite. Happily, they agreed and we had a mid-afternoon rendezvous at the grocery store in Blythe so we could ferry their groceries to camp.

BicyclistsWhen they rode into camp at dusk, they had Tyler with them! It quickly became chilly outside. I would never have believed it but we managed to pack all seven of us into the camper for a lovely dinner party. Lisa made a delicious meal of sausages, salad, and potatoes while conversation flowed.

Camper party


This time, as the intrepid bicyclists rode eastward, it really was goodbye. It was wonderful to get to know new people, especially fellow travelers and adventurers. We cannot wait to meet you again somewhere on the road!

Southern Tier riders

Sand Dune Workout

When we arrived at the sand dunes in Glamis on Thursday afternoon I knew I had to get in a workout so instead of choosing a nice leisurely run, I decided to tackle the sand dunes with a combination of running up the side and running along the crest of the dune.

Sand Dunes Running

Running on Sand

Running on sand

Running on sand

Running on sand

My quads were burning by the end of the workout: the last lap back to my “starting point” was tough. I leave Monday morning for the #omnigames. I’m ready.

Running on sand

Running on sand