Day 34: Addison, Pennsylvania

The first task of the morning was to wash the cars…and Sprocket. After his bath, I took him for a run. We didn’t run too far but Sprocket loved it anyway. Back from our run, Kim had super nachos ready for lunch before we got in the car and drove to Deep Creek, Maryland. The first stop was at an artificial whitewater rafting course. It was fun to watch the rafters bumble around the “rapids.”

From there we headed to Swallow Falls State Park. We hiked along Muddy Creek and the Youghiogheny River and saw two different sets of falls. Sprocket enjoyed chasing Forrest and I around the rocks. He was quite the jumper but did manage to fall in and get all wet. Back at the lake, we relaxed on the porch while Sprocket explored the woods. We had some yummy hamburgers for dinner, played some pool, and called it a night. We all had a great time on the Yaugh!

Day 32: Culpeper, Virginia to Addison, Pennsylvania

Cool West Virginia Roads

Our route from Culpeper took us through Shenandoah National Park to Harrisonburg. From Harrisonburg we were hoping to take Forest Service roads through George Washington National Forest. Unfortunately, they believe in gates out here so there weren’t really any roads to take.

We had lunch at Seneca Rocks before making the final push to Youghiogheny Lake. The highlight of the drive was Route 72 in West Virginia from Red Creek to Hambleton, it was a really cool twisty one lane road through the hills above a river. We made a quick pass through Maryland but did find a Mennonite bake sale and bought some pumpkin bread to take to Larry & Kim’s house. We tried to buy some steaks for dinner in Friendville, Maryland…but the marketplace there had some pretty sad looking steaks.

Up at the lake, we all relaxed and played some pool while Sprocket terrorized Fritz and Crystal, Larry and Kim’s dogs. After a nice evening, we all headed for bed.