#Hikerchat Hike

OR Show is an interesting experience. You’re surrounded by awesome outdoor gear and pictures of people doing awesome outdoor things but yet you’re (happily) trapped in a twilight zone. (F quipped: “This place is like Vegas, I have no idea what time it is.”) Fortunately, we were able to scratch the outdoor itch with a #hikerchat adventure planned for Saturday sponsored by Teton Sports, Goal Zero, Good2Go Bar, and American Backcountry.

Little Cottonwood Canyon

We met up at Teton Sports and carpooled up Little Cottonwood Canyon to the trailhead. Besides our sponsors, we were joined by Katie and Niko of Simply Adventure, Kristie of An Appetite for Adventure, Haley of Climb Run Lift Mom, Eileen of Rockgrrl, Josh of Experience.Via.Imagination, Paul of The Outdoor Adventure, Kat, Jacalyn, and more that I’m forgetting to mention… (Remind me in the comments and I’ll add you, promise!)

Hiker Chat


It was so much fun to be hiking with a big group of people and just hearing laughter floating through the fresh mountain air. Stories of travel, climbing, and of course hiking were the order of the day.

source: The Morning Fresh
source: The Morning Fresh


Haley spent last year as a Grassroots ambassador for Stonewear Designs and it turns out we were both rocking Stonewear on the trail!

Stonewear Ambassadors

At the saddle above Catherine’s Lake, Shawn laid out he plan for what was to come: the group was going to head for a minor summit followed by Sunset Peak. Forrest and I took a look at the basin and glanced at each other. “I think we can hike around the lake,” he said. “I want that third summit,” I replied. And we were off: on a mission to loop back to the saddle in time to meet the group.

Lake Catherine

Wasatch views

We were about two-thirds of the way up Sunset Peak when we realized that we were really going to have to kick it into gear if we were going to not have anyone waiting on us!

Ridgeline hiking

Somehow, Forrest always winds up taking pictures of me in caves, hollow, trees, etc. This trip was no different:

Beth in cave

And a cheesy self-portrait:

Beth and Forrest, summit of Pinnacle Peak

The rest of the #hikerchat gang on Sunset Peak:

#hikerchat on Sunset Peak

Lake Catherine

Grabbing the summit of Pinnacle Peak was pretty awesome but seeing this beautiful guy (and his friend) was definitely the highlight of the 3Up Adventures route:

Moose in velvet

Moose in velvet

Moose in velvet

In the end, Forrest and I covered 8.6 miles with about 1,700 feet of elevation gain. Not too shabby. šŸ™‚

#hikerchat hike, 3Up Adventures style

Elevation Gain

The #HikerChat Adventure from other views:

Paul: #HikerChat Summer Meetup 2013 – Outdoor Retailer 2013 video

Kristie: OR Show, a successful summit, and self-toasts

OR Show Bound!

We’re taking off this morning headed for OR Show!

If you’re going, we’d love to try to meet up. I don’t have a smart phone so that makes Twitter a less than ideal form of contact but shoot me a DM on twitter or an email and we’ll try to make it happen!


Outdoor Retailer

Calling for Outdoor Retailer Tips!

WOOOOHOOO! It looks like F and I are headed to Outdoor Retailer (aka ORShow)!

Outdoor Retailer

This is a totally new experience for both of us and we’re excited but now that we’reĀ registered, I’m having a bit of a “uhhhh…now what?” sort of moment.

The only trade show I’ve ever been to was for the mining industry and I still had fun wandering around and looking at the stuff (and having a few drinks…helloooooo Great Basin Brewing Co.) so I am super super superĀ pumped to check outĀ outdoor gear instead of say…drill bits.

I’m also way excited to meet some awesome people that I know only via Twitter and their blogs (I’m looking at you Kristie, Heather, and hopefully some others I don’t know about yet) and seeing some other adventurers again (Katie and Niko, Erica).

But what else do we need to know? Where to go? What not to miss? Events? If you’ve been to an OR Show, spill! 3Up Adventures wants to know how to make our trip totally amazing!