#DamselNOTinDistress, Part 2


Yesterday, I shared my lazy Sunday in bed. Why was I so exhausted? Well, after two weekends of solid work (plus a week of parent-teacher conference craziness combined with more #damselNOTindistresswork), I finished hanging the drywall, applying the mud, texturing, and painting!

This blurry shot is me celebrating being done mudding the drywall:

And then it was time to mask off the windows and center beam to get ready for paint and texture:

The texturing went quickly and was relatively painless:

And then, finally, there was paint:

I can’t believe how great this place looks!

The flooring arrives today! Once that goes in, I think I’ll finally feel like I’m not living in a construction zone!


The bedrooms are textured and painted and we’re planning on working on the main room of the house this week! Six months after buying our house we’re approaching (temporary) completion of the interior!

We also scavenged a bunch of miscellaneous things we needed from garage sales last weekend including sheets for the cabin, a nicer coffee pot, some cast iron skillets (cabin), a light fixture for the closet, a spring form pan, and some other stuff… green reusing progress!