Spring Break to Mexico, Part 1

Picacho del Diablo has been on my “to climb” list for quite awhile so I decided that for Spring Break I’d take a friend and head down to Mexico to try and cross the high point of Baja off my list. (Spoiler alert: I didn’t make it to the summit.)

We set out from Colorado on a Thursday afternoon under brilliantly sunny skies. I absolutely adore road trips and I really needed to get away for awhile so it felt absolutely amazing to hit the open road. Our route took us south past Four Corners (I’ll stop there one of these days…) and onto the Navajo Indian Reservation where we were treated to a beautiful sunset.

Lizard Head Pass

Sunset on the Navajo Indian Reservation

The miles rolled by and we found ourselves making camp near Cottonwood, Arizona. Making over 430 miles starting at 4pm is no joke! The next morning, we cruised through Phoenix and Yuma making our way to the border crossing at Calexico-Mexicali.

Yuma bridge

Imperial Sand Dunes


After a quick stop to change money over into pesos, we crossed the border. I was not prepared for navigating Mexicali and we ended up on a little tour of the city before finally making our way onto Mexican Highway 2 towards Tecate. I’ve long wondered what the road between the two cities was like, even though Highway 2 is a major route, on a map it looked nearly as twisty as Red Mountain Pass!

Mexican Highway 2

The road did not disappoint! It traversed through some gorgeous broken rock, climbing wayyy up onto the plateau above Tecate.

Mexico Highway 2

Mexico Highway 2

Mexico Highway 2

Mexican Highway 2

When we reached the top of the mountain, everything opened up into a gorgeous green plateau that surrounded us all the way to Tecate.

Top of Plateau, Mexican Highway 2

As we reached Tecate, it was time to turn south on Mexico Highway 3 towards Ensenada.

Tecate, Mexcio

Highway 3 exit

To be continued…