Slab City: Salvation Mountain Sunset

Having experimented with Salvation Mountain photos at sunrise, this time I headed out at sunset to make some photos of the landmark.

Salvation Mountain

The low angled rays shining directly on the front of the “mountain” really light up the colors in cool ways:

Salvation Mountain


Salvation Mountain

I chatted with this group from San Francisco for awhile as the sun sank below the mountain horizon. They’d driven all the way down to watch sunset here!

Salvation Mountain

Salton Sea

My favorite part, though, was looking out to see Red Island (right) and Red Hill (left) that we’d climbed earlier in the day!

Red Hill and Red Island

Salt River Camp Photography

Last weekend, we camped on the Salt River for a night. As we pulled into camp, I spotted the moon rising over the hills so I pulled my tripod out for some fun.

Four Peaks and the moon at dusk:

Moon Rise with Four Peaks

As darkness deepened:

Darkness falls

Incoming flights to Sky Harbor:

Incoming planes

Comb Wash

Packing up our spot near Devil’s Canyon, we headed south into Blanding. I went for a run through town then we headed out to see Edge of the Cedars State Park Museum. Usually the museum costs $5 each but we were able to check it out free since we were attending a lecture about Chaco culture in the southwest. After the lecture, we headed down to Bluff and visited Ft. Bluff museum. We made a quick stop at Sand Island Recreation site for Sprocket to get in a bit more swimming and then made our way down to Comb Wash.

Southern Utah vistas

Backside of Comb Ridge

Desending into Comb Wash

Less than a mile down Comb Wash road we found a perfect camping site. F prepared to go for a motorcycle ride the next day and I plotted a hike. (Sprocket was suffering from a toe injury and was given trailer sleeping duty.) The next day dawned sunny and beautiful, if a little but blustery. I decided to pack my new tripod along with me and discovered that the two ice axe straps on my Teton Sports pack held the tripod quite nicely. (I’ve added a┬ácarabiner on the bottom so we’ll see if that improves vertical stability on my next adventure.)

Teton Sports

I chose to hike up a large wash less than a mile north of our campsite. It was fun to hike through and marvel at how this is just one of many, many such canyons around the southwest.


Exploring a wash

Exploring a wash

Exploring a wash


After a bit, I spotted this blobby pinnacle hanging out in the desert so I headed over to see if I could climb it. I definitely made the climb as difficult as possible by traversing around it on a small ledge before finding my way up onto its summit. The view from the top was pretty incredible though!


Self portrait, Beth

Comb Wash Pano

I started working my way back to camp via a different wash to my south. Unexpectedly, I chose the one that lead right to the trailer!

Hiking near Comb Wash

Exploring near Comb Wash

Waterfall in wash

It was a fun hike. I was sad that Sprocket couldn’t come with me. This was just his length with lots of places to sniff and lots of sand to roll in!

Scamp Shakedown, Part 2

In the morning, we got a pretty slow start. I took some pictures, we drank coffee, Sylvia made us pancakes, and we packed up camp before heading out for a hike around the valley.

Sprocket camping

Arizona sunrise

Disfigured Saguaro


Forrest climbing in hidden valley

Pink fishhook spines

Fishhook barrel flowers

Stick bug

Hidden Valley

Forrest and Sprocket

Solitary saguaro

Forrest and Sprocket

Fishhook cactus on a rock

When we arrived back at camp, we all loaded back into the Jeep and headed for Ajo. Along the way, Forrest stopped to test the Scamp on some more angles to get a better idea of its capabilities.

Sprocket and Blue

Testing the Scamp