More Springtime

Sunday was a little bit chilly here. It rained most of the day at the house but some fresh snow fell up at cabin elevation. However, I have some more pictures of our recent fun in the hills that I want to share.


The Hopefulness Of Spring

I am a bit afraid of speaking too early but I believe spring has come to Northern Idaho. The temperature creeped up to 70 degrees at the house on both Monday and Tuesday! We brought home our new quad last week (because after selling ours last fall we needed another for exploring!) and have been out testing the limits of the snow’s retreat as often as we can.

There is certainly less snow at the lower elevations (3,000-4,500′) for this date than there was last year but up high (like at the cabin) there is still a bunch of snow. Hopefully the snow melt continues like it is so we can get back into the high country soon. Continue reading “The Hopefulness Of Spring”

Andrew in Idaho

My visit with my nephew, mom, and godmother was quite nice. I spent most of my time doing the things that he only gets to do with Aunty and F (except for riding the CRF 230…he needs F for that).

Friday evening almost immediately after they pulled in, Andrew and I went for a quad and I showed him the old Lucky Calumet mine. I really didn’t expect him to think it was very cool, it’s pretty much just a hillside with some timbers that has water flowing out of it, but he listened really intently as I described how there used to be train cars and men that would go into the tunnel and bring out rock. I showed him how the rocks around the entrance are streaked with copper green and he decided he needed to take one home with him.

Andrew at the Lucky Calumet

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We saw a bear today! It was only the first one we’ve seen since moving here (and the first one I haven’t seen from inside a car).

Again, not my picture as I was not fast enough with the camera. I barely squeeked out “Bear!” and then immediately moved to make Sprocket get on the quad. By that time, it was gone.

Good size though!

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The plan Monday was that I would come home and do a second coat of paint in the bedrooms. After I worked an hour and a half of overtime that didn’t sound very good to me so I talked Forrest into taking a quad ride to investigate how high we could get.

The answer to how high, was higher than last week but not high enough (our cabin is JUST over the ridge…). BUT we did spot a doe and her two tiny, tiny fawns. They must have only been a day or two old!

Not my picture but they realy were this tiny!

P.S. Sprocket was awesome! We’ve been trying to teach him to sit when he sees a deer/elk/animal so he won’t scare them away or get hurt. He stopped when the quad stopped, sat when we told him to, and loaded up on the quad so we could pass by without disturbing them too much. Momma Doe was angry enough to see us without Sprocket getting close!