Slab City: Salvation Mountain Sunset

Having experimented with Salvation Mountain photos at sunrise, this time I headed out at sunset to make some photos of the landmark.

The low angled rays shining directly on the front of the “mountain” really light up the colors in cool ways:

I chatted with this group from San Francisco for awhile as the sun sank below the mountain horizon. They’d driven all the way down to watch sunset here!

My favorite part, though, was looking out to see Red Island (right) and Red Hill (left) that we’d climbed earlier in the day!

Mud Pots

Last year when we were at the Slabs we spent most of our time exploring the Slabs themselves rather than checking out the surrounding area. I’ve heard a couple of times about mud pots located out near the Salton Sea. This year, we headed out to see what there was to see.

It was totally fascinating! We both kept calling it Yellowstone without fences. Most of the features appeared to be “cold” and just emitting sulfur gas although we did find one that was warm.

If you’re visiting the Slabs, it’s definitely worth the drive to check it out!

Slab City: Riding in a Kit Fox

One afternoon we were relaxing near the van when a “strange” airplane flew overhead. Forrest watched it awhile and noticed that it seemed to be landing in the Slabs somewhere. Later that afternoon when we went for a walk we found Jack and his Kit Fox taxing back down the road to his RV.

Since I’d never been in a plane smaller than a commercial jet, we decided that now was as good a time as any. I was a little unsure about the whole thing but Forrest insisted that I go for it. I’m so glad I did! What a crazy experience taxing down the rutted pavement of Slab City then getting up in the air to see the Salton Sea, some of the Chocolate Mountain firing range, and of course The Slabs.

An airplane in the Slabs?
Who? Me? Ride?
Getting ready for takeoff
Preparing to taxi…
…down the street.
Coming in for a landing. Watch out cars!

Slab City: East Jesus

One of our adventures in the Slabs was visiting East Jesus. East Jesus is an artist community on the edge of Slab City founded by Stephen Russell. Our tour guide was able to tell us some interesting stories behind the art installations in the courtyard and also showed us the “behind the scenes” workings of East Jesus including the community’s library, kitchen, solar facilities, and outdoor living space.

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
“Definition of a grievance” (2009), Joe Holliday
Decorated car
I love this little dude.

If you’re ever in the Slabs, this is definitely one of the things not to miss! (Be sure to grab a tour. We’re not much for following a tour guide around but the narration on the art definitely added to it for me.)