WCWS Surprise!!!

Many of you know that I have a minor obsession with baseball.

My obsession with college softball is worse. I actually played D3 ball when I was in college. I was certainly no star (ha) but as my dad always said most people don’t get to play in college so I feel pretty lucky. I’m even more lucky to have met a wonderful friend while playing. We were often trouble (I can get you a rainout…) but of the best kind.

Stacia and I were usually the ones at team parties that were in the corner huddled over the standings trying to figure out what our route to the playoffs was (spoiler, it was always hard and we never made it when playing together).

Despite distance, Stacia and Dre journeyed to Utah to support me at my wedding and I was so so lucky to stand up with them at their wedding.

Photo Amanda Summerlin

A couple weeks ago was the culmination of EIGHTEEN MONTHS OF SECRECY on the part of Dre and I… Stacia and I had always promised to go to the WCWS together. Dre wanted to take Stacia for her 30th birthday. Stacia got the tickets for her birthday back in December but she didn’t know I was coming until AT THE AIRPORT IN OKC! (Actually, she swears she knew something was up but whatever.)

I did not expect tons of softball—that I wasn’t even playing—to be so exhausting. We were never at the Airbnb; not that I’m complaining! We got to watch 10* games of excellent softball!

*10… but one of them was 17 innings….

We got rained on. I lost my voice. We kept score every game. We witnessed the longest WCWS Championship Series Final game ever.

I felt incredibly lucky to spend time at ASA Stadium watching some excellent softball. Neither Washington or Oregon took home the trophy but I really enjoyed the whole thing. It won’t be next year but I’ll definitely be back. This is some of the best sport out there. Just turn it on, you’ll see.

D1 College Softball: Eugene Regional

Last weekend the NCAA Women’s Division 1 softball regional tournaments took place throughout the country. I was really excited to learn that the University of Oregon’s softball team is ranked #1 in the country and were hosting a regional tournament in Eugene. I headed down Saturday for a great day of college softball. The first game featured the Oregon Ducks taking on the Wisconsin in a winners bracket game. The Ducks treated their hometown crowd to a really fun 6-1 win over the Badgers. Even as an Oregon State fan, I had a ton of fun cheering a Pac-12 team.

The second and third games of the day were elimination games. They were really fun to watch especially since the competition to stay in the tournament was intense. Utah Valley was sent home by Albany after the second game (4-3) and Albany was eliminated by Wisconsin in the third game (8-4). It’s been a really long time since I got to watch softball so I drank it all in!

Eugene Regional

Oregon Ducks

Oregon Ducks

Wisconson Badgers

Oregon Ducks and Wisconson Badgers

Wisconson Badgers

Wisconson Badgers

Oregon Ducks

Oregon Ducks

Utah Valley Wolverines

Utah Valley and Albany

Albany Great Danes