Desert Camping

We met up with Bob of Cheap Green RV Living and some other nomads at their camp near Blythe. It was a lot of fun to see other people’s van-car-tent-RV setups and we’re looking forward to seeing more at the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous in a few weeks.

We arrived in the middle of a torrential desert rain but we all made the best of it with some hot tea and when the sun came out we capitalized on it by taking some walks. In the evening, one of our fellow campers even took charge and whipped up a chili hobo stew for dinner.

Talking with our neighbors over tea.
Communal desert dinner
Sprinter in the desert


Hawaii on a Budget

Transportation. Hotel included.

We went to Hawaii and Oahu and stayed for two and a half weeks for less than $2,300. Hawaii has a reputation for being very expensive, some of which is true and some of which is not true. Food at resorts was very expensive (we stayed far away!) and grocery store items were much more than on the mainland. Eating at local restaurants and food trucks seemed more than reasonable to us—we found that unless we were super hungry that a “regular” plate lunch would feed the two of us pretty comfortably. ($7-$11).

Our vacation lasted 18 days and exclusive of airfare (a set cost regardless of how long you’re on the islands), we spent $61/day for the two of us. Not too shabby! As with any vacation, your emphasis might be in other areas. Although we had places to stay on Oahu, it did not appear that camping (particularly on the North Shore) would be difficult with standard stealth camping precautions. Here’s our budget breakdown:

Two round-trip tickets from Phoenix to Honolulu- $861
Two round-trip tickets from Honolulu to Hilo- $338

One tank of gas in cousin’s car: $50
Gas for friend’s car: $20
Rental car on Big Island: $346
Gas on Big Island: $110

Safeway (food to cook for a week, 6-pack of beer): $132
Walmart (bagels, salami, cheese, crackers): $35
Eating out (mostly plate lunches, two shaved ice cones, two 6-packs): $280

About $50?


Relaxing on our bed
Showers are abundant at public beaches

Sunday Sermon

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”





-Mark Twain

The Long Haul South

Wednesday, Forrest picked me up from work and we hit the open road. After all of our planning it was a pretty surreal feeling to be leaving for real. Along the familiar road to Missoula, we even had a rainbow shine on our departure:

After a nice evening with Glen and Terry, we got up early and headed for Salt Lake. Between Butte and Idaho Falls, the temperature dipped as low as 12°F, reminding us how excited we were to be heading south.

After a long days drive, we arrived at Meghan and Eric’s house in Salt Lake City. And this time early enough in the evening to meet Zoe and relax over a couple of beers.

In the morning, after a coffee, we continued south to Moab. The sunshine felt so good! We reassembled the adventure train and then attended Robin’s school play. In the morning, it was time to get back on the road.

Although we’re really promising ourselves that we’ll move slower and travel less miles in any given day, we were on a time schedule to get to Maryanne and Seth’s rehearsal dinner. Despite the long day’s drive, we were able to snag some pictures of Sprocket crossing into his 32nd state, have some fry bread in Kayenta, and also make it to the rehearsal BBQ.

Sunday Sermon

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.” 





-Mark Twain

Kinzie: Leap of Faith

I’m off adventuring in Utah celebrating being a newlywed but I’ve still got some posts lined up for this week. First off, we have a guest post from Kinzie (this is also 3Up Adventures first guest post ever!). When she replied to my call for posts on how you incorporate adventure into your life by offering to write about how her boyfriend (now husband!) followed her to France after dating for just a few months I was ecstatic. I love love love this post. Love and Adventure together; simply perfect for our post wedding week. And with that, Kinzie:

My husband and I had been dating for approximately two months when I found out I got a teaching job in France for the next school year. It was simultaneously exciting and terrifying to know that I was falling in love with the guy chopping tomatoes across from me, while anticipating the seven months we would have to spend apart, if our relationship could even withstand the distance.

My mom seemed to think she had it all figured out. Any time I was sad or worried about the impending time apart, she said, “Well, Donnie should just move to France with you.”

“Mom, it’s not that easy. He can’t just move to France.”

“Well, I think he should. You guys would have fun.”

I was convinced that this wasn’t a realistic solution, but my mom was relentless. (We had this same conversation approximately 50 times.) And, maybe this is just a “magical mom power” but the more she said it, the more I decided she was probably right. So I started looking into creative ways to get Donnie over to France with me.

Continue reading “Kinzie: Leap of Faith”

RIP Little Red Jeep

After the Christmas in Oregon was over it was time for Team 3Up to lead a caravan of fun back to Idaho. Unfortunately, loaded down with a regular refigerator, an RV refrigerator and freezer (for the cabin), a freezer, and a trailer axle the little red Jeep just wasn’t up for it. Right in Portland (THANK GOD) the clacking started and steam started coming out the exhaust. We got off at the next exit and had to declare my car dead. On our way to Idaho. With a ton of shit. And six friends expecting to stay at our house that night and go to the cabin tomorrow.

So. We started shopping. But that’s a story for tomorrow. For now a requiem for the little red Cherokee that could: Continue reading “RIP Little Red Jeep”

Holiday Traveling

Reports of how many people will pass through an airport on a holiday weekend never meant much to me growing up. Apparently this year 92 million Americans** will travel more than 50 miles from home for Christmas; we’re two (or three, counting Sprocket). My mom and dad settled within a fifteen minute drive of the houses they grew up in (about five to six miles). Their siblings all stayed within 50 miles of the familial epicenters.

Christmas With the Kranks

I went away to college back east but the picture still didn’t fit. Instead of harried families traipsing across the country to come home, I was a college student on break between semesters. It was, yes, coming home for Christmas, but mostly just recuperating before the next round started in January. Although, maybe for my mom it was more like Blair in Christmas With the Kranks coming home…

This year though, we fit the archetype like never before (although last Thanksgiving icy drive might come close). We’re loading up our car full of gifts and head over not one, but two mountain passes. (Each a whopping 3200′ or so, but passes nevertheless). We’ll put on our coats and settle in for the ride. We’ll show up at my mom’s later this evening and chat for awhile before crawling in bed with the pup curled up on the dirty clothes that smell like just like home to him..
Oh I hope this isn't us tonight...

**According to AAA.