Desert Ramblings—Superior Edition

While Forrest was out riding his motorcycle to the Coke Ovens, Sprocket and I decided we’d have our own desert adventure. We drove just north of town on a dirt road, parked the van and headed out overland. In the course of a couple hours we covered about six miles or so and took a whole bunch of pictures. As always, it was a good day out in the desert with my puppy!

Picketpost Mountain from the north
Handsome dog
Desert dog

Beautiful day

Devil’s Canyon

After all of our adventuring in California, we had to pick up Forrest’s motorcycle in Phoenix. While we were there, he learned that the group he rode with back in November was doing another ride at the Coke Ovens in two days. Since we didn’t have any specific plans, we loaded up the bike and headed back to Superior.

Since it was pretty chilly, we spent the morning exploring Globe, a historic mining town, before heading back towards Superior. We pulled off the road at Devil’s Canyon to do some exploring. In the canyon we found a creek for Sprocket to swim in and several rusted cars for Forrest to explore. I had lots of fun taking pictures.

Sprocket was so happy to have water!
Brrrr…Snow in the shade.
Serious conversation
Devil’s Canyon

The Long Haul South

Wednesday, Forrest picked me up from work and we hit the open road. After all of our planning it was a pretty surreal feeling to be leaving for real. Along the familiar road to Missoula, we even had a rainbow shine on our departure:

After a nice evening with Glen and Terry, we got up early and headed for Salt Lake. Between Butte and Idaho Falls, the temperature dipped as low as 12°F, reminding us how excited we were to be heading south.

After a long days drive, we arrived at Meghan and Eric’s house in Salt Lake City. And this time early enough in the evening to meet Zoe and relax over a couple of beers.

In the morning, after a coffee, we continued south to Moab. The sunshine felt so good! We reassembled the adventure train and then attended Robin’s school play. In the morning, it was time to get back on the road.

Although we’re really promising ourselves that we’ll move slower and travel less miles in any given day, we were on a time schedule to get to Maryanne and Seth’s rehearsal dinner. Despite the long day’s drive, we were able to snag some pictures of Sprocket crossing into his 32nd state, have some fry bread in Kayenta, and also make it to the rehearsal BBQ.

Adventures in Snowmobiling

I fully admit that I was terrified of the red beast on the trailer. Today, my grace period for getting used to the idea of riding the snowmobile ran out.

After I briefly entertained the idea of refusing to go, ever, I was persuaded to give it a shot. Then I had to eat my words because the whole thing was less than scary right from the start. I managed to make my way up to the top of the hill just fine (although every time I thought I was going fast, I’d look down and the speedometer needle hadn’t even moved Forrest just informed me that my speedometer is broken).

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