The Adventurers

3UpAdventures is all about adventuring in our new home in Colorado. Sprocket and I are always out adventuring and trying something new!

For more information on each of our interests, click over to each of our individual pages.

Beth • Sprocket

Sprocket and Beth



6 Replies to “The Adventurers”

  1. Yeah Beth! I’m so excited you are starting a blog! I keep reading about all these fabulous blog meet ups these women are having and there is no one in our area to have them with…until now! Yes, I’m so excited to get to see more of you life. (I didn’t mean for that to sound creepy).

    1. That’s not creepy at all. I mean, it might be, but I pretty much feel the same way. We can have fabulous blog meet ups.. for sure. I bet there’s some other awesome women along this I-90 corridor (or thereabouts) we just haven’t found them yet. Not quite sure how but we will.

      I’m excited to meet you in person…two weeks from today!

  2. I found your blog through 31 Days of Adventure, and I’m glad I did. You three seem like kindred spirits. My husband and I (plus our new cat) live part-time in the mountains (we work at a ski area in winter) and the other half either in our house closer to town or out traveling somewhere. I plan to dig further into your archives, but just wanted to say hi and let you know I stopped by.

  3. Hi Beth, It was so fun meeting you at Colorado Boy this week, and having a chat about the new Ridgway Community Garden at Green St. Park. Many more exciting adventures to you and Sprocket. Maybe some day you will meet my wonderful canine friend….ZAN the man.

  4. Beth,
    I saw on pinterest how you lifted your scamp. It said to go to 3upadventures to find out. How did you lift your scamp?

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