Day 6-Fairfield to Tahoe and north

We got a late start out of Fairfield after a yummy breakfast and headed east for Placerville. Placerville was kind of a cute town in a kitschy tourist miner way. We didn’t stay long, just stopped at the historical society for a quick leg stretch, got some gas and picked up some bagels.

From there we wound up towards Lake Tahoe. The woods there reminded me a lot of the Nachez Pass area of Washington: lots of pine, very open, pretty river, etc. The granite was something else though–that reminded me of Maine!

Tahoe was pretty but oh wow were there lots of people and giant ugly vacation homes (to be fair there were some cool old ones sprinkled here and there).

We kept heading north on highway 89 and by the time we got to Sierraville I was STARVING. There wasn’t much in the way of food choices and the Mexican food we had wasn’t amazing, was kind of expensive, but definitely hit the spot! We poured over the map at lunch trying to decide where to spend the night and settled on “Snake Lake.” Thankfully Forrest stopped at a motorcycle shop in Quincy to ask about it, turns out it’s a swamp. Oops.

From Quincy we headed north with a six pack of Bud’s American Ale (we’d tasted it in Fairfield…good for the price) and drank it along a creek at a State Park I can’t seem to find online (near the Keddie Wye…crazy railroad grade). We made friends with some people camping there who shared their hamburgers and hot dogs with us (kinda reminded me of camping with Uncle Morgan, Aunt Denise, Ev, and Tay when I was little). Just before dark we excused ourselves from our new friends and headed up a dirt road to camp for the night and enjoyed a bag of Jelly Bellys, identifying each flavor with our handy dandy flavor guide and a head lamp.

Day 6- ~265 miles

Originally posted on the blog: Evergreen Rambles.

South Lake Tahoe, California, United States

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