Day 8: Pecos River, Texas to Houston, Texas

This morning we left our sweet campsite on the river and headed east. Our first real stop of the day was in Fredricksburg, Texas. We were happy with the town when we checked out the quilt shop and garden art center…but when we got into the adorable downtown we (especially me) were quite enamored with it. I tried the wine at Fredricksburg Winery…it wasn’t my favorite ever, most things were a little sweet for my taste, but it was certainly more than I’d expected from Texas wine. The woman pouring the wine told us some more about the area, including the location of the Fredericksburg Brewery. The three of us walked the street, and thanks to Frederickson liquor laws, Forrest and I tried their pale, red, and porter while sitting on a bench outside with Sprocket.

After our explorations of Fredricksburg, we headed just out of town for Luckenbach. It was the tourist trap it was promised to be, but unlike most tourist traps, this one was worth it. Forrest, Sprocket, and I listened to “Jimmy Lee Jones” play at the pickers circle while drinking a Lone Star and a Shiner Bock (had to have the Texas beers!). The dance hall, which was closed on a Tuesday afternoon, looked like a lot of fun though!

After Lukenbach, we set out looking for some Texas barbeque on our way to Austin. As we neared the city we settled on Cartwright’s BBQ. We had ribs and brisket that were pretty good, later when we found out we’d tried our Texas barbecue at a chain (albeit a small one) we were a little unhappy. We headed into downtown Austin to walk around a bit. We checked out the capitol, complete with cannons and Civil War memorial then walked down 6th Street (the center of Austin nightlife). It seemed like a nice city but really wasn’t that exceptional (maybe we should have stuck around for the bats flying out from under the bridges).

We finished our day by driving through Houston before stopping for the night. The TA Truck Stop wasn’t one of our prettier campsites but it worked alright.

Austin, Texas, United States

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