Day 18: Everglades National Park to Brunswick, Georgia

We hopped out of bed in semi-darkness pretty happy to be done with the awful night. We drove the thirty-some miles down the park road to the Flamingo Visitors Center. We drove through lots of grassland and arrived to find that there wasn’t much left of the visitors center. Hurricane Wilma in 2005 had done some serious damage and wiped out the lodge that had been there and the rangers offices and visitors center are due for some serious reconstruction. After Forrest got some coffee at the mariana and we tried to keep Sprocket from chasing the crows and vultures we headed for the Christian Point hiking trail.

Coating ourselves in bug spray we bid Sprocket adieu at the car for a nice hike through the swamp. 25% DEET wasn’t enough to protect us from the mosquitos and horse flies and we gave up the hike after about a mile, although we did see some pretty bromeliads (or “airplants”). Back at the car we decided we’d seen enough of the Everglades and it was time to get out of Florida.

So we drove. And drove. All the way up Florida on I-95. We did take a short break in St. Augustine, Florida. St. Augustine is America’s oldest city, it was founded in 1565! We checked out the old fort (just missed the final tour) and walked around the old buildings. It was cute but very touristy. We finished out the day at a Sonny’s Barbeque near Brunswick, Georgia and stuffed ourselves before heading to bed.

Homestead, Florida, United States

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