Day 20: Somewhere, Georgia to Tallassee, Tennessee

Once I roused myself from bed with Sprocket we continued down the road towards Atlanta. We really didn’t stop in Georgia but instead cruised through nowhere towns like Suches and Morganton before crossing into Tennessee. Once in Tennessee we kept crusing north.

F’s friend Rick called and asked us to pick up some Corona on the way to his house. This seemed like an easy enough task and we readily agreed. The first store we went to told us we were in a dry county. The second store said they could sell beer but not on Sunday. The third store told us they could sell beer on Sunday but they chose not to sell it at all. At our final stop, we found a place where we bought some Corona and a beer called 420 by Sweetwater Brewing out of Atlanta.

At Rick and Roxanne’s house Rick gave us the grand tour of the property and got us settled in the cabin up on the hill. After our showers we returned to the main house to have dinner with Rick and Roxanne, their neighbor Alex, and their friend Rocket. Roxanne made some fabulous Mexican food! Then after dinner we headed back up to the cabin. A pretty good thunderstorm rolled in and we sat on the porch and watched. It was beautiful!

Dry Branch, Georgia, United States

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