Day 22: Tallassee, Tennessee

In the morning, F did some work on the jeep, just checking things out at the halfway point in our trip to prevent problems down the road. I took that opportunity to do some more job searching. After he’d finished with the jeep, we headed back up to the cabin. We put in the AC unit, changed out the shower head, washed the windows, and just did some maintenance that needed to be done. We also did some rearranging to make it feel a bit more spacious. Forrest also fired up the chainsaw and cut down some dead trees on the property.

After all that work, we loaded up Sprocket in the golf cart and headed over to the lake for some swimming. Sprocket walked right down the dock, got to the end, saw the water and walked right in. He panicked a bit when he realized he couldn’t haul himself out but once he realized that’s what we were there for he gladly jumped off the end to fetch sticks! I jumped in and had kind of forgotten how cold lakes can be–took my breath away for a second!

In the evening F helped Rick with some of his bikes and then we headed into town to pick up some groceries for the next couple of days we’re here and some more snack/camp food for when we hit the road Friday morning. Back at the cabin, I made some pasta on the campstove before we crashed.

Tennessee, United States

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