Day 27, 28: High Point, North Carolina

After getting to bed at 2AM we were still up nice and early. F got up with Sprocket at 6:30(!) and I wasn’t too far behind. We relaxed with some coffee while waiting for the rest of the house to start moving. Sprocket was ecstatic to find that there were children to play with! He spazzed out with Olivia and Andrew before sleeping the rest of the morning.

The morning’s activities were quite simple: F and Chris discussed motorcycles, Chris and I engaged in a heated political discussion, I worked on the puzzle they had going, Baja was discussed some more, and Sprocket slept. Eventually, we all loaded up in the Sprinter van (Forrest and I are writing this from the back of the Cherokee and are dreaming of owning one…much more space, same gas mileage!) to drive to a friends house for a Mother’s Day BBQ. It was nice to just relax and have bacon (Forrest didn’t eat the dates it was wrapped around…he was interested in the idea of bacon ice cream though).

The next day we didn’t do much but somehow it took all day. We had so-so BBQ in High Point (the hush puppies were pretty good though!), got a part for my Jeep at the Napa DC, and bought some beer. Back at the house the boys all played with the big bobcat and ripped down some trees (“Big Lincoln logs!”). Forrest even found time to fix Andrews “Mammoth 90” mini Chinacycle. We made some yummy hamburgers, burned the giant pile of logs and went to bed.

High Point, North Carolina, United States

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