Wedding Cake and Sisterhood

My best friend from high school got married last Friday. The ceremony was lovely and moving. The reception was held at their home (mini-farm!) and featured fabulous food and wine, and a great dance party (early to bed me danced until 3am). There was also a wedding cake made by Katie, the bride, with a little help from The Sisterhood.

Katie, Kaitlin, and I dubbed ourselves The Sisterhood back in high school. We were fantastic friends who gallivanted around the Pacific Northwest checking out Victoria’s Parliament building, skinny dipping, hiking, and making pilgrimages to Powell’s. In college, we met up in Switzerland, visited each other at school, and tried to meet up whenever we were back in our hometown.

We were all reunited for the first time since a July 2007 hiking trip for Katie’s wedding. While I was very glad to be able to fly back east for the wedding, I was kind of sad knowing that Katie would be plenty busy with miscellaneous tasks and that we probably wouldn’t get any “Sisterhood time.” Fortunately, a promise Kaitlin made to both Katie and I when we were high school seniors came to the rescue.

Over Katie’s gorgeous lemon flavored 18th birthday cake Kaitlin told us that when we got married “one day” she’d make us wedding cakes as wedding gifts. Seven and half years later we were giggling in Katie’s kitchen frosting a wedding cake together. Katie had actually baked the cake a couple weeks earlier and popped it in the freezer and Kaitlin had made tons of yummy buttercream frosting during the afternoon but The Sisterhood assembled the cake in style:

After a BBQ at the groom’s parent’s house we returned to the little farm to finish the frosting. The wine merchant from whom Katie and Colin had purchased the wine had given Katie a free bottle of Champagne. This lovely gift came in handy for our mini-bachelorette surprise…a silly Ya-Ya-esque ceremony under the moon wearing some fabulous hats.

Hilarity ensued (along with a 1am bedtime for Kaitlin and I):

I have no finished pictures of the cake (sorry!) but it was adorable. Very simple, three tiers, a few lavender sprigs for decoration, and best of all, it was yummy.

But, I do leave you with this…there are friends out there who will be there for you under any circumstances. These are the friends you can call in the middle of the night after having not talked to them for months. These are the people who will go out of their way to make you happy. Kaitlin and I were both estatic to have been able to help out on the cake and will all set up we could the morning of the wedding. We even strung 400 little pompom flowers and giggled the whole time:


Because this face was totally worth it:

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    1. See, sometimes it’s so hard to see that you have awesome friends like this, especially when they’re so far away. It’s more of a reminder that friends can totally be like family and they’re there when you absolutely need them.

      And cake is good. But so is pie. And so are cupcakes. 🙂

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