Huckleberry Festival and Family

Last weekend was busy. My mom and aunt came out to visit and brought my grandparents. Ezra, Steve, and Garrett are here to visit for the week.

Saturday morning Ezra, Mom, Aunty, and myself all participated in Wallace’s Huckleberry 5K. My laziness in training caught up to me and I didn’t make near as strong a showing as I would have liked (although I bet I beat last years time…we had to leave before the results were announced so I won’t know until Thursday).

After the race we ate yummy huckleberry pancakes and headed for the cabin. I don’t think my family was at all prepared for me to drive them 12 miles up a winding dirt road–my grandparents are 87 and 85 and rolled with it pretty well. They were very impressed with how big the views from the cabin are!

We all just relaxed in the cabin and talked about all sorts of things. My mom observed that my dad would have appreciated this more than anyone and, oddly, this was really lovely to hear.

Cabin party

I drove my family back down to “civilization” in the late afternoon and went back up on the quad. In the evening Garrett and I made s’mores and then we turned in for the night.

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