Happy 2nd Birthday Sprocket!

Saturday we celebrated Sprocket’s 2nd birthday.

We sang Happy Birthday to him:

Before we dove into the cake, we gave Sprocket his birthday bone:


I can’t believe our puppy is two! Clearly he’s the center of attention in this house and is quite the only child and often plays with two toys at once.

A bone and an antler?! Lucky dog!!

Happy birthday Sprocky-poo. We love you.

7 Replies to “Happy 2nd Birthday Sprocket!”

  1. oh, that’s so sweet. I like to make birthday cakes for the girls’ birthdays too. usually they are for the dogs though. for Lola’s first birthday i made a tiered one out of pine cones stuffed with peanut butter and kibble.

    1. His birthday seemed to be the perfect opportunity for a wedding test cake. 😉 Last year he got some dog cake concoction I found online…

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