Hauling down I-10

Rosepine, Louisiana

We arrived in Rosepine after a solid seventeen hours of driving! Today was pretty uneventful—we ate Subway only a hundred miles before stopping for gas next to a Cajun seafood hole-in-the-wall that looked awesome. Such is life, however, when you’re trying to make miles, quick food is the need at that point.

Basin bridge across Atchafalaya Basin

These long days are hard but still wonderful; I’m so happy I came. We’ll go an hour not talking but it feels good to be rolling down the road observing the country around you. Of course, this way of traveling also reminds me how much I can’t wait until the next time we’re able to just cruise at our own speed so I can stop to hold the baby alligators at the tourist trap, eat awesome food, and poke around small towns.

The place we should have eaten lunch.

We’re spending the night here in Louisiana with Rick (a motorcycle buddy of Forrest’s who we visited in Tennessee a couple years ago) and his wife Roxanne.  Tomorrow we’ll take off nice and early for the longest day of our trip—a 1,200 miler. We’re hoping to make it to Farmington, New Mexico by about 1am…

We met “Gracie” in the parking lot of the gas station
Spooky & Forrest

3 Replies to “Hauling down I-10”

  1. Forest….what a wonderful smile. I love how happy you look. Enjoy your new van and all the travels it is likely to bring the two of you (and whatever assortment of animal family you take with you.

  2. We stopped at the same gas station! Unfortunately, we’d just stocked up on food and didn’t go in either. I assumed we’d see other places in our Gulf Coast travels but now I wish we’d gone in!

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