Wine Tasting: Jones Of Washington

I’ll post more about my weekend playing in the sunshine this week but for right now I’ll just post about wine tasting. Because we don’t need to read too much into that, right?

I found my way to Jones of Washington after I finished climbing yesterday. I wondered into their tasting room tired and dirty. I felt more than a little sheepish about the smell that I’m sure emanated from me but the tasting room employee either couldn’t smell me or was very gracious.

Jones was just awarded Wine Press Northwest’s Winery of the Year award. While I’ve had more outstanding single varietals at a winery, I must say they had a lot of very drinkable wines.

Their tasting room is located in small corner of their production facility. The tasting room employee was friendly and knowledgeable.  Their tasting had quite a few wines (I didn’t grab a copy of their tasting notes unfortunately) and I enjoyed most of them. Stand outs (for me, wine is always subjective), the pinot gris, syrah, petit syrah, and cabernet sauvignon. I came home with a bottle of the pinot gris—the warm weather impressed upon me the need to have a lovely bottle of white in my refrigerator at all times.


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  1. You’re making me want to do a Vermont wine tour! A friend and I talked about doing one by bike this summer. I should make this happen.

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