Big Agnes Sleeping Bags? Advice Needed

F and I have been looking around for some new sleeping bags. His bag is only a quarter zip which he really dislikes and mine is rated to about 40 degrees. This is ridiculous because I am always cold. 

Our plan for now is to find f a different bag and let me give his a try although I suspect that eventually I will want one warmer yet (see: I am always cold). We’ve been sort of interested in the Big Agnes sleeping bag system for a couple of years now. These sleeping bags don’t have any loft on the bottom but have a sleeve to hold your sleeping pad in place. The theory is that your body compresses the loft on the bottom anyway so it is better used on top as insulation and if your sleeping pad is held in place you should stay warm enough.

After talking with a salesperson at REI we discovered that Big Agnes appears to be the only major manufacturer that doesn’t use the EN rating system to quantify how warm their sleeping bags are which made us a little bit nervous. From what I can tell there isn’t any reason that would prevent these bags from being put through the same paces as Marmott, REI, Kelty, North Face, and others.

Yesterday, I put a query out on Twitter yesterday seeking real people who have used a Big Agnes sleeping bag system hoping to get a better idea of the bad and the good things about these sleeping bags and haven’t heard anything back yet. Do you use them? Do you know anyone who has?

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  1. well, this probably isn’t too helpful since i don’t actually own a big agnes bag, but i bought a new sleeping bag this spring, and i considered the big agnes bags. I’m always cold too, and the guy at REI really wanted me to buy the big agnes bag, but the thing i didn’t like about it was that it felt really confined with the pad slipped into the sleeve. there wasn’t enough room to move about because it felt like the top of the bag was stretched with the pad underneath. good luck! at least if you buy it at REI and it doesn’t keep you as warm as it should you can always return it.

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