When Will We Be Able To Drive In? A Contest

At the end of March I jokingly took bets on when we’d be able to drive into the cabin this year. As it turned out we were still two weeks away from the snow peak for the water year (it looks like it was April 8). I took a look at last years data and started to feel rather hopeful. (Unfortunately the snow water equivalent and snow depth aren’t on the same axis for you but you get the idea.)

Water Year 2011 through May 19th
Water Year 2012 through May 19th (projected)

As it turns out we’re still about a month ahead of last year. We were able to drive into the cabin last year three days after this graph went to zero. It took 3 weeks to get to o” from 15″ SWE (snow water equivalent). The cabin’s located at about 5,700′ and this station is located at 5,100′ so it’s not an exact proxy but it’s close.

I also looked at the chart for Mullan Pass (elevation 6,000′). As of today we have 35″ SWE and were able to drive in last year when it was down to 21″ SWE. It took about two weeks to melt from 35″ to 21″ last year.

First Day of Summer 2011

As far as those bets go? Trisha guessed we’d be able to drive in the week of May 28th, going to have to be more specific now!). That’s going to be darn close. (Caitlin, you were just being nice with April 27th. Guess again!)

With all the snow data, my guess is June 3rd. Anyone else care to hazard a guess?

I think we might need a prize for this…I’ll get thinking.


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    1. I’d say anytime in that weekend is probably be good because if it’s just down to “inside corners” (the places that get the least sun) I’ll probably be busting out shovels.

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