New TJ!

A few weeks ago, Forrest asked me if we should sell the Cherokee and buy a Wrangler (TJ). I immediately said yes because this idea had already occurred to me. As much as I adored my last Cherokee, I missed our last TJ. Sprocket does too:

Sprocket, Summer 2010

Since we were on the same page, shopping began immediately. Our budget was determined by how much we could sell the Cherokee for plus selling F’s GasGas. We looked and looked and as much as we “weren’t in a hurry” both of us were really exited to have a “real jeep” for summer.

We seriously considered two other jeeps before deciding that one wasn’t in the condition we wanted and one was sold before we looked at it. These both must have happened for a reason because we found our perfect jeep. A Sahara Edition! (I am much too excited about its correlation with our wedding colors and the pretty.)

Sprocket approves:

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