NREMT Exam…Passed!

Yesterday, F and I headed to Coeur D’Alene for some errands—most importantly the National Registry of EMTs written exam. After some running around, we found ourselves at the testing center presenting two forms of identification and our NREMT testing letters before being escorted in to the testing area. If you’ve never taken a test at one of these centers, they seriously asked me if they could check my socks before I went into the test.

You get two hours to answer somewhere between 70-120 questions (according to NREMT).  The test doesn’t ask everyone the same number of questions; it’s computer adaptive which theoretically means that if you get easier questions right, it asks you harder questions. This is supposed to mean that everyone thinks the test is difficult.

My testing station shut off at 70 questions. Forrest’s shut off at 74. As we walked to our car, we discussed the questions we’d gotten and how they were different than we expected. Forrest thought there were a lot of questions about positioning patients. I had a ton of questions about childbirth. We concluded with that few questions we either passed or failed spectacularly.

They don’t tell you if you passed on the spot (I assume so you don’t go postal on the poor test proctor) but when we got up this morning, our results were available online. I logged in to check Forrest’s first, passed! Then mine! Passed! Two passed tests! On our first try! They don’t give you an actual score, probably because the computer adaptive nature of the test means that everyone falls on a range of questions asked and varying proportions of difficulty but I assume since we both used so few questions that we did very well.

This morning, we filled out our background check requests, input an affiliation request on the NREMT website, and have our state affiliation forms ready to get signed by the ambulance service. Here’s to plowing through the administrative requirements and being licensed very soon!

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  1. Congrats! My friend was an EMT for a while and I was horrified by how little money they make per hour, at least here in CA. I enjoy watching sports, but there’s something really wrong when some dude who runs a ball along some grass gets $54 million per season while some dude (or dudette) who saves lives gets $13.77 per hour.

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